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Lou Taylor

Veronica necklace

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*Launches Friday 26th April 5pm*

Veronica is the second necklace in the VOGUE GYRATORY collection.

Veronica likes: M&S pina coladas, pineapple on pizza, the vicar from Fleabag, a bit more Solange than Beyonce.

She's wearing an amazing gold leopard print suit, engraved by laser and handpainted, so much detail!

Veronica comes with a postcard of the original Veronica papercut.

She'll be available in batches in 10 every few months so when she sells out, hit the button to be notified when she's back in stock. When the waiting list gets to 10 names, another batch will be released and you'll be the first to know.

Measures: 14cm tall. Gold plated chain measures 19cm each side approx.

Please keep your jewellery safe in it's original packaging. As her suit is handpainted, keep away from moisture as it could cause the paint to fade.