Esther Cox

Spring is just round the corner and I can't wait for a bit more sunshine and to be finally able to share my new collections with you. Last week, I blogged briefly about my collaboration with Esther Cox and I can now show you a few sneaky shots from our lookbook photoshoot at Capture Factory.

I just love working with Rory from Capture Factory, he somehow takes my super vague ideas and turns them into beautiful images that I had in my head the whole time.

My new collection STUDIO has two angles, one a painterly feel and the other sharper, shinier and collage-inspired. Expect paintbrushes, anglepoises, scissors and a new boutonniere brooch!

And working with Esther was so much fun. She's an incredibly intuitive, talented artist and a beautiful model to work with (not at all jealous). She created the perfect collage background to shoot my studio-inspired collection against, and is even going to work with the images we shot to create even more exciting work.

Feeling super lucky to know so many wonderful, talented people. Watch this space for the collection launch!


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