Amber Butchart Paperdoll

Recently I decided to get my trusty 10A blade out to create papercut portraits of some of my favourite people, mainly women, whose style and work I admire.

First up was Amber Butchart, fashion historian, DJ and style icon. She has such an incredible wardrobe, I decided to turn her into a paperdoll and create a paper wardrobe out of some our favourite pieces.

I had so much fun on this project, reminiscent of happy hours spent as a child cutting out and making paperdolls. Here are some of the outfits I created, head here for more.




As part of each portrait, I plan to design a piece of jewellery to complement my subject. For Amber, I designed a swallow tattoo brooch (and only found out afterwards that she has this tattoo on her ankle!). It is now available to buy and is totally customisable for your own name or word.




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